Player Tools

While playing the lesson the presenter will have access to a series of tool. These tool will allow the presenter to use a lot of the Editor tools on the fly. They will be able to move model parts around, change their effects and visibility. They will also have access to a few player specific tools such as draw and beacons. 

The Tool Menu


Most tools have an expanded menu that can be opened by clicking on the expand icon to the left of the tools list. If a selected tool has properties that can be changed such as color or line thickness they can be found in this expandable submenu.



The select tool triggers interactions if there are any attached to an object or hit point. Actions will only be triggered when clicking on the object if the Select tool is selected.



The grab tool allows the presenter to grab and move parts of the model around. The parts will have no physics when moved with the grab tool. They will float in the scene exactly where the presenter lets go of them. If you move the part back to the area it was taken from it will snap back to its original position.


Draw Shape

The Draw Shape tool allows the presenter to draw arrows in various colours and line thicknesses. 

Free Draw

The Free Draw tool allows the presenter to draw lines in various colours and thicknesses.

Like the shapes, drawings can be erased by clicking the garbage can icon in the expanded menu select the tool then click and drag to draw. When you are not in VR the draw tool works best when used on flat surfaces.

Beacon (multiplayer only)

You can spawn a beacon at a location to draw attention to a point. In the submenu you can decide if the beacon should have a light beam or not. You can delete the beacon use the trash icon. 


Group Teleport (multiplayer only)

The Group Teleport is a type of beacon tool that is used for multiplayer. It allows the presenter to teleport all observers to a specific location in three possible configurations. You can choose if uses spawn in a circle, arch, or line.

Laser Pointer

The laser pointer tool allows the presenter and users to place a red highlight on a object, only one object can be affected by the laser pointer per user.


The highlight tool allows the presenter to place a yellow highlight on objects.

Unlike the laser pointer, multiple objects can be highlighted at one time.


The X-Ray tool allows the presenter to toggle an X-Ray effect on an object. The X-Ray effect causes an object to become slightly transparent.

There are various colour tint options available for the X-Ray.

Multiple objects can be X-Rayed at one time.



The Color tool allows the presenter to toggle the color effect on an object.

There are four color options that can be selected from the expanded menu.

Multiple objects can be colored at one time.

Clear Effect

The Clear Effect tool will allow the presenter to remove any X-Ray, Color, and highlight effects off of an object if there is any.


The Visibility tool allows the presenter to make an object invisible.

The undo and show all buttons in the expanded menu allow for making objects visible again.