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Moving Around the Scene

The next thing you will need to learn, is how to navigate around the scene. The camera has two modes you can switch between which determine what moving scheme you will use.

Basic Camera (Default)

  • Hold left mouse and drag to rotate around the focused object

  • Hold right mouse down and drag to pan the camera

  • Use scroll wheel to zoom in and out

Advanced Camera

  • Hold right mouse button and drag to rotate around the focused object

  • Hold right mouse button and use arrow keys or ("wasd") to move around freely

  • Hold the middle mouse button and drag around the scene to pan the camera

  • Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out


​You can also move the camera around the scene by using the focus feature. Focus will move your camera directly to an object. For the basic camera mode it will set the focus point to the center of the object allowing you to rotate around it. To focus on an object, you can either :

  • Press F on the keyboard

  • Double click the object

  • Select it in the Viewport and click the magnifying glass button on the Ribbon

  • Double click the object in the Scene Hierarchy or right click and select focus