Hit Points and 3D Labels

Hit Points are used to activate actions such as change state, display videos, images, facts, or play audio, you can also customize the appearance of a hitpoint.


Hit Points can also target a specific model part as a 3D label.

Example: Adding a state change hitpoint

  1. Click on the Hit Point button in the Home Tab Ribbon, in the tools section. 

  2. Click on an area in the scene to place the Hit Point

  3. Select the Hit Point either in in the Viewport or through the Scene Hierarchy and go to the Properties Tab

  4. Go to the Actions section and select Set State from the type dropdown

  5. Drag a state from the lessons tab into the state property

  6. Now when the Hit Point is clicked in play mode, the state will switch to the state that is linked to the Hit Point. 

The other actions will work in the same manner. choose the action you want and drag the proper asset into the asset property. 

3D Labels

3D labels are just pre-customized Hit Points to target a specific model. They have all the properties of a Hit Point. To create a 3D label quickly: 

  1. Select a model part

  2. Click the 3D label tool from the Home Tab Ribbon, in the tools section

  3. Move the label around in free mode or through the Properties tab

  4. Change the global text and line color, from the Lesson Tab Ribbon, to change the color of all labels or through the Properties Tab to effect just the one label.


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